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The Boston Sea Rovers

The Boston Sea Rovers

Authored By Kim Malkoski

The Boston Sea Rovers (BSR) is a 501(c)(3) all-volunteer non-profit organization, but what does that mean? The organization itself is one of the oldest and most distinguished underwater clubs in the United States with a global reputation of excellence. The organization is a collection of only 25 active members who are dedicated to raising awareness of the underwater world in accordance with the BSR motto: Educate, Explore, Conserve. In addition to the 25 active members, there are many associate members who are among the best of the best in the diving community. All BSR members come from varying backgrounds, but all share a common bond of a love our ocean and ways to explore and understand it.

The club originally started as a group of divers when SCUBA was just in its beginnings. As the club comes up on its 63rd year, it continues the tradition of holding The Boston Sea Rovers clinic each year in early spring. The clinic originated as a public film festival to spread underwater knowledge, but over the years with increasing popularity has transformed into a weekend-long event. The clinic consists of daytime talks, workshops, film festival, exhibit hall, free discover scuba and more. All proceeds from the show go on to support scholarships, the BSR internship, and other non-profit organizations.

Knowing more about this organization and the show it organizes, what is so attractive about the Boston Sea Rovers Show? Why should you attend? Let me tell you.

Since the members of the organization are the ones participating, organizing, and presenting in the Clinic; you have access to the top photographers, engineers, scientists, and marine educators presenting their latest and greatest findings in the daytime talks. The Film Festival is internationally recognized and brings forth presenters that are the best in their field to show what they have been working on. Often material shown at the film festival has never been seen by the public before! Later you might see it released on channels such as Discovery, National Geographic, BBC, and more. In addition to brand new footage, presenters also show the “behind the scenes” aspects of their traveling, the destination, and how they captured such breathtaking shots. On top of that, after the film festival the Meet the Speakers Party gives you the opportunity to talk with all the evening speakers you just saw!

If you’re still on the fence as to why you should attend, there is a lot at the show that is free! The exhibit hall is completely free and hosts different SCUBA gear vendors, local dive shops, underwater camera vendors, travel agencies, local state agencies, certification agencies, resorts and many more. Sunday is known as Kid’s Day, which consists of special activities and speakers completely free for children and adults. On Saturday we have discover scuba classes running all day sponsored by one of the local dive shops completely free!

This post is certainly not unbiased, but I have been in attendance since I was an infant. After 27 years of never missing a show I can tell you that the people who attend, organize, present and facilitate the show are some of the most inspiring people in the business. Their love and devotion to spread knowledge about our ocean is awe inspiring, and definitely a great conversation starter.


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