Max's Maldives Adventure Day 3

Max's Maldives Adventure Day 3

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Today was shark palooza!!!  Also high current drift dive palooza!!!!  Ok, that doesn’t really work but you get the point.)  We did 4 dives and all of them were exceptionally cool.  Many of the dives in the Maldives have some current; this brings in fresh nutrients and food, which in turn attracts the much sought after pelagics.  And as we learned January has some of the strongest currents…

On the 1st dive we dropped into blue water and drifted over to the wall.  From there the current was ripping and sent us flying down the wall.  There are different amounts of current at deeper depths and our guides were experts at guiding us through.  Reef fish were all over the wall and off in the deeper blue water you could see sharks passing by.  Once we found a good spot we deployed our reef hooks (an absolute must for the Maldives) and hung out for a bit checking the sharks out.  We then unhooked and continued drifting.  At some point we passed a turtle and I found a really cool looking stone fish which I was able to stop myself long enough to take a few pictures of.

The next 2 dives were on ledges where sharks typically school (one was even called shark channel).  We got to the ledge and hooked in and then hung out and watched the show.  Gray reef sharks and white tips constantly swam back and forth right in front of us.  I have never seen so many sharks in my life!  We were at about 90ft so we only got about 20min at the bottom so once the time was up we unhooked and drifted along the walls.  We encountered schools of banner fish, a giant clam (which had some crazy coloring), and most importantly an octopus!  If you know me you know that octopi are my absolute favorite so needless to say I was ecstatic.  I hung out with it for a while watching it constantly change colors and textures.  For me, this was even cooler than the sharks.


For the last dive of the day we did a dusk/night dive at a site called shark circus.  We did it in a channel where nurse sharks typically school.  As soon as we dropped down we encountered several of them and wow these were some big nurse sharks!  There was again a ripping current as well as many groups of divers so we drifted along until we found a good spot and nestled in.  Nurse sharks and various types of rays constantly cruised right past us.  At one point we even saw a nurse shark rolling around in the sand cleaning itself.  It was very cute.  Someone managed to find an octopus and I spent a good amount of time with it watching it hunt which was awesome.


Once we got out of the water we cleaned up and sat down to a dinner of freshly caught wahoo.  It was the best fish that I have had in awhile!  The crew also caught a bunch of tuna and I am really excited to see what they do with that!

Anyways I am told that we are going to see if we can find whale sharks tomorrow.  I have never seen one before and am absolutely psyched!


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