Max's Maldives Adventure Day 4

Max's Maldives Adventure Day 4

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Whaleshark whaleshark whaleshark whaleshark whaleshark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  That’s how many whale sharks we saw today!!!!!  We probably saw some sharks and stuff on the first dive but I can’t really remember because I saw 5 whale sharks on the two afternoon dives!!!!!


 As we were gearing up for the dive the boat spotted one near the surface and got ahead of it to drop us in the water.  Fortunately where I dropped in was right where it was swimming to and it just cruised right on past me.  Those things are awe inspiring!  As It passed me I tried to swim with it but needless to say, I didn’t stand a chance.  I figured “well that was awesome, guess I'll go play with the fish for the rest of the dive.”  The reef had some beautiful coral and schools of snapper and bait fish that you would swim through but every now and then the dive guides would start banging on their tanks, you would look over, and BAM!!! Giant whale shark emerges from the blue and cruises right on past you.  Instead of 100+ feet of visibility we only had about 50 due to the plankton that the whale sharks like but that made it even more of a surprise when one emerged from the depths.

 At the end of the first dive I was just about to get out of the water when one of the guides started screaming “look down!!  Look down!!!”  I look down and a whale shark is coming right up from deep water, mouth open.  It was frigging awesome.   (Apparently, we were very lucky; most trips only see 1-2 whale sharks so yahooooooo!!!!!!)

Off to find Mantas tomorrow!!!  This place has everything….



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