Max's Maldives Adventure day 5

Max's Maldives Adventure day 5

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We started off doing another manta dive in the same spot that we were at for the last dive yesterday.  It was more manta, octopi getting intimate, schools of fish, and rays but better viz and every bit as awesome.  

The second dive was on this really cool coral wall.  We jumped into a ripping current and followed the guide to the wall where we were protected.  There was beautiful fan corals that hadn’t been touched (no storms in the Maldives to break them up) as well as countless other types with all the colors that you could hope for.  I drifted along the wall in awe of what I was seeing.  I don’t really remember much of the fish life because the coral was so cool!

We then dove at a site called fish-head. I think it got its name because of the immense amount of fish swarming it.  A giant bait ball of silversides was swarming the reef the entire dive!  There was also a flat patch where a couple of turtles were chilling munching on some sponges.  We then drifted for a while taking into awe the immense quantity of fish.  One of the guides found what they call a “bugs bunny nudibranch”.  It was super small, colored yellow and white with antenna making it look like a rabbit. The camera that I am using doesn’t have a macro mode so, unfortunately, I couldn’t get a picture.  As we were drifting we saw a shovel-nosed ray laying at the bottom.  It looked more like a shark than a ray and I had no idea what it was.  I swam over it but as I got closer some photographers spooked it and it bolted right in front of me.  One of the odder animals I have ever seen.

The last dive was a dusk/night dive. There were tons of clownfish and a couple or marble rays cruising around to start (still can’t get a good shot of those little guys). We spent most of the dives at the top of the pinnacle (in about 30’) looking for critters. We found lots of nudibranchs, octopus (lost count at this point how many of them I have seen...never thought I would say that), and stonefish. The guide even pulled this weird purple lump out of a rock that was apparently a giant sea slug. Overall we spent about 1.5 hours playing around in the shallows looking at awesome macro creatures!

I’m not sure what else we are going to see but I am sure it will be interesting!


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