Max's Maldives Adventure Day One

Max's Maldives Adventure Day One

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I left boston at 9:30 on Saturday night and got here at 9am Maldivian time, which amounted to something like 27 hours of travel time. This was by far the longest journey that I have ever made but Qatar airlines made it as comfortable as possible (the constant supply of gin & tonics and a good movie selection certainly helped). It was only 2 flights with a long layover in Qatar but it didn’t feel nearly as bad as it sounds. I am not very good at sleeping on planes though so I was pretty wiped afterwards. If you are planning on making a long trip like this I would definitely figure out a way to sleep on the plane.  

For the first day we simply stayed at a hotel near the airport.  The Maldives is about 10 hours ahead of Boston time so believe me the jetlag and long travel time takes a toll on you.  We stayed at the Hulhule hotel which was a 2 minute drive from the airport.  It is a fairly sizable hotel compared to the others in the area and has a nice beach, pool and spa.  I didn’t really get to enjoy those features as I more or less passed out as soon as I hit the bed.

 Nick set me up with his friend Pablo over in Male to hang out with that night.  He met me over where the ferry drops you off (an easy 10 min ride) and showed me around the city.  I was one of the most genuinely nice people that I have ever met.  There isn’t a lot to do over in Male except for hang out at eateries and talk but it is incredibly crowded so it was nice to hang out with a local.  Pablo took me all over on his scooter and we talked about everything from life in the maldives to religion to his salvage diving business.  I got to see the local markets and eat some some delicious curry.  It would have been difficult to figure it all out on my own so I really appreciated have Pablo as a guide.  Overall if you are rested and want a bit of an adventure Male is definitely worth checking out.


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