Max's Maldives Adventure Day Six

Max's Maldives Adventure Day Six

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Last day! We dove the narrow edge site again. The life was similar to yesterday but we sound the tiger mantis shrimp! They wouldn't come out of their holes and were really skittish but they were still super awesome.
For the last dive we hung out on a wall. I want to give a shout out to Ali, one of our guides, for being awesome at finding macro critters. For most of the dives on this trip I followed him around and he would point out incredibly small or camouflaged things to me. I would ask him to see something specific (like mantis shrimp) and he would find it! On this dive he pointed out what looked like a piece of dirt and under a magnifying glass you could see that it was a baby cuttlefish! I have no idea how this guy could find half the stuff he did. We also found a moray getting cleaned by several shrimp at a cleaning station.

Final thoughts:

The marine life in the Maldives was incredible. I was constantly in shock of how diverse and immense the life was. The boat was great and the crew took amazing care of us. I can’t wait to go back next March! 


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