Thenar Dry Gloves Ring System - Ecdivers
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Thenar Dry Gloves Ring System

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The ScubaForce Thenar Drysuit Ring System’s unique oval shape provides more freedom for movement than traditional ring systems and are perfectly designed for technical diving. This will make for a more comfortable diving experience. The oval Thenar ring system is constructed of hard, anodized aluminum and the shape of the ring is devised to match the shape of the hand and follow the lines created by the thenar muscle.  This results in a much lower ring circumference compared to standard rings with a constant diameter. The diver’s hand easily reaches through the Thenar ring system and into the glove. As a result, all handling, such as reaching in the suit pocket or performing a valve drills is much easier. The full system includes guard rings for the gloves as well as the drysuit seal. The included robust O-rings provide a secure and permanent seal. This practical plug-in system makes the assembly and disassembly of the gloves very easy. This way, your focus can be on the dive, not on anything else.  The material and design of the glove offers extreme durability and flexibility.

Included In Ring System

  • 2x anodized Aluminum Oval Rings
  • 4x Large O-rings (to help seal)
  • 2x Gaurd Rings (protects ring system)

Optional Glove Add-on

  • 2x high quality, durable dry gloves
  • 2x Glove liners - Additional liners recommended for colder water. 

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