Apexs Regulator Service and Repair - Ecdivers
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Apexs Regulator Service and Repair

Regulator repairs are typically a two week turn around time. If a regulator comes in for a performance check and needs additional service the regulator owner will be responsible for any additional labor. We are able to service Aqualung, Apex, Mares, Hollis, Sherwood, Oceanic and Atomic regulators. Any other brands will have to be sent to a separate facility and lead time will increase.

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$ 69.99

Regulators are designed to be serviced annually. The complicated machines are full of moving parts and O-rings and soft seats that can wear with time and use. We can do everything from full overhauls and performance checks to console battery changes. Read below to learn more about possible services! 

Our prices include all parts needed to overhaul and deliver a regulator safely back to you. Our turn around time is typically two weeks so make sure you plan ahead! If regulators are in very bad shape and we need to order additional parts we will notify you that the reg could take a little bit longer (but no additional charges!). 

Performance Check

Performance checks are done annually to ensure the regulator is in proper working condition. A registered repair technician checks over all parts of the regulator and tests to make sure there are no leaks, the IP is within range and all filters and diaphragms are in proper working order. As a part of Aqualungs Free Parts for Life program this test is required to be done bi-annually. 


Regulator Overhauls are a full service operation where a registered technician disassembles, cleans and switches out all of the O-rings and soft seats. Changing these high frequency used parts will help to ensure the longevity of the regulator and reduce long term corrosion. As a part of Aqualungs Free Parts for Life program this test is required to be done bi-annually. 

Battery Change (Console)

Battery changes can be done on any of the computers that we carry. These include Oceanic, Aqualung, Hollis, Suunto and Mares. If you have a brand of computer not listed, please contact the shop before sending and we will let you know if we can service the computer. 

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