Suunto D4/D4i series service work - Ecdivers
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Suunto D4/D4i series service work

We are a level 1 Suunto service center and can perform battery changes and watch band replacements. Our typical turn around time is two weeks, however, if the computer requires additional services (button replacement, depth failed depth sensor, etc) we will have to send the computer to a higher level facility for an additional charge and an increased wait time. If this is the case will will contact you ahead of time. Please include a receipt in the box with your computer.

$ 69.00

Suunto dive computers are a specialty repair and require a certified technician capable of safely and effectively changing the highly technical computers. 

Our Suunto certified services include battery changes (depth test included) and band replacements. If there are any serious problems with your dive computer (depth sensor malfunction) we will be required to send the watch back to Suunto. If additional services are required we will contact you before taking action.


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