Atomic Aquatics SV-2 Snorkel - Ecdivers
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SKU: 06-0231-00

Atomic Aquatics SV-2 Snorkel

$ 64.95

The SV-2 semi dry snorkel is a true miracle of diving innovation. This semi dry snorkel using genius engineering to ensure a sleek, comfortable fit. The inner workings of this semi dry include a one way valve, that helps to channel water out of the air tube - ensuring that you breath in minimal water even in the fiercest of conditions. The sleek, ergonomic design of this snorkel will reduce your drag to the point you might even forget you're wear a snorkel while you're diving. 

In addition to this snorkel's comfortable and usable design, it comes in a wide variety of colors - giving you the option of properly accessorizing to a wider range of gear. 

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