Impulse 3 Flex Snorkel - Ecdivers
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Impulse 3 Flex Snorkel

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The Aqualung Impulse 3 Semi-Dry snorkel is a top of the line SCUBA snorkel. The Semi dry design helps to keep water out of your airway even in turbulent seas. The top of the snorkel has two shoots to help filter any water that comes in the top out the sides. Any water that does make its way down the snorkel gets caught in a reservoir under the mouthpiece. A purge valve at the bottom of the snorkel allows easy removal of any water caught in the reservoir. The effort required to clear this snorkel is significantly less than that required to clear a traditional J-tube snorkel. Additionally. The comfo-bite mouthpiece reduces jaw fatigue often experienced by divers and snorkelers.

The flex design of this snorkel increases comfort and helps to streamline the snorkel. Instead of a rigid design, the flexible area can contour to individual faces, masks and gear, making your dive or snorkel more comfortable. With a replaceable mouthpiece, this snorkel is sure to last.


Key Features

  • Flex Design
  • Multiple Colors-blue, black/pink, white arctic
  • Clip to attach easily to mask
  • Comfortable mouthpiece
  • Purge Valve
  • Semi-Dry Design
  • Great for Scuba diving
  • Comfo-bite mouthpiece reduces jaw fatigue
  • Replaceable mouthpiece
  • Snorkel barrel designed to reduce drag
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