Aqualung Dimension i3 Buoyancy Compensator
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SKU: 308401

Aqualung Dimension i3 Buoyancy Compensator

$ 549.00

The Dimensino i3 is a back inflate buoyancy compensator tailored specifically for Men. This though out design includes built in weight pockets, four bent metal D-rings, trim-weight pockets, a storage pocket, an octo holder, and SPG storage.

The back inflate style makes it easy to float and glide in perfect trim throughout your dive. Adjustable straps expand the range of fit allowing the user to seamlessly change from wetsuit to drysuit diving. 

Lastly This BC has a unique and revolutionary inflator system. The i3 is a hip inflate that allows it's user to easily inflate using a lever at their hip. Many divers find it's location to be more natural than their shoulder to easily and comfortably inflate. The i3's deflate (pushing the handle down) allows it's user to deflate from all dump valves. This is very beneficial to the user as they can quickly deflate from a central location, no matter of their body position in the water. 

*Knife is not included 

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