Core Regulator - Ecdivers
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Core Regulator

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The Core Regulator is one of the finest pieces of entry level equipment available on the market. It is a balanced cold water regulator, which means it will work in the chilly waters of New England as well as the warm waters of the Caribbean. The simplistic design is perfect for avoiding confusion in the beginning diver and helps to keep costs manageable. Its durable design can withstand more rough treatment than most regulators, helping to build up the skills necessary for equipment care and maintenance. The basic package includes the first and primary second stage.  A full regulator set includes a first stage, primary, SPG or dive computer, octopus regulator and an inflator hose.

Octo (ABS) – This is an unbalanced octo named for the type of plastic that it’s made out of. This option is very simple and efficient, providing a backup in emergency situations should they arise. Warm water or cold water it will be a valuable addition to a diver’s gear.

Octo (balanced) – The optional Balanced 2nd stage octo will add comfort and usability to the user. A balanced regulator provides equal air flow on both sides of the inner diaphragm, meaning that as depth increases or the tank pressure decreases it will not become harder to breathe. The regulator will work to maintain the balance and ease of breathing.

SPG – Submersible pressure gauge. This will help you to keep track of your air throughout the dive. The SPG’s all have high quality brass parts and are marked for PSI.

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