HotShot Fins
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HotShot Fins

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Aqualung's HotShot fins are just the right size to put in your luggage and bring along to a warm water destination. The technopolymer blades are lightweight and include silicon Power Bands to propel you through the water easily. If conditions during the dive change the bands can be adjusted. The foot pockets are comfy and will fit your bare feet. The Comfo-straps are superior to regular buckles used in other fins.

- Technopolymer blades provide maximum thrust

- Silicone power bands load up with energy on the downstroke which is then released on the upstroke, pushing you extra far with every stroke.

- The blades have the power of a fin 30% longer due to the Mid-foot Flex Joint.

- The foot pocket is soft against bare skin but also fits socks or thin-soled boots if you need extra warmth.

- Comfo-Straps are self adjusting allowing you to put your fins on faster to get into the water sooner.

- The bottom of the foot pockets have anti-slip rubber pads to provide stability on a boat deck.

- Length of 20.9 in / 53cm for easy packing in carry-on luggage.

- 3.28lbs / 1.5kg for incredibly lightweight carrying.

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