Mares Camo Instinct 5mm - Ecdivers
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Mares Camo Instinct 5mm

$ 192.00

Mares Instinct Camo

The Mares Instinct camo wetsuit is a must have for spearfishers around the globe. The unique camo offered by Mares is printed on a colored lining for improved stealth. The well researched shades and patterns gives any diver a one up over fish throughout the hunt. We stock the 5.5mm suit as we find that it is able to provide ample warmth without compromising the diver’s range of motion. The inside of the suit is closed cell neoprene, which helps provide a tighter fit and improves the user’s hydrodynamics. The outside of the suit is protected with a nylon material. The nylon still allows for some stretch, while making sure the inner material stays in tact. The suit also comes with a thick chest pad that helps cushion while reloading the spear gun.  The top and bottom of the suit are sold separately.

Open Cell Neoprene

Open cell neoprene is preferred by freedivers for its tight fit and extra warmth. By exposing the neoprene to the diver’s skin you are able to get a better fit and have the suit fit tighter to your body. This causes less drag in the water, streamlining the diver and improving efficiency while swimming. The exposed neoprene acts to cup water against the diver’s skin, lessening the flow of water throughout the suit and keeping the diver warmer. The suit still has a nylon coat on the outside of the suit which helps to protect the inner neoprene from the wears and tears of spearfishing.

Key Features

  • Open Cell design
  • Improved warmth
  • Improved flexibility
  • Chest pad
  • Reinforced knees
  • Camouflage from fish
  • Ergonomic fit

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