Mares Pro Flex Snorkel - Ecdivers
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Mares Pro Flex Snorkel

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The pro flex snorkel is a freediving essential. Unlike bulkier SCUBA snorkels, the pro flex is designed with the unique hydrodynamic needs of freedivers in mind. While freediving, you will not be slowed down by added parts on the snorkel such as purge valves. As a result, drag is reduced and swimming becomes more efficient, allowing for an increased quality of experience overall. The dual material design (harder mouthpiece and a more flexible tube attached) allows for extremely easy use and increased comfort; the contoured design also allows for effortless breathing The ergonomic design helps to reduce drag and noise pollution both on the surface and underwater. The reduced noise pollution is excellent for spearfishers to prevent fish from hearing them swim towards them. Additionally, the mouthpiece of this snorkel is extremely comfortable and suitable for extended use, as it was developed in coordination with a highly recognized Italian orthodontic lab. This durable, lightweight, and easy to pack snorkel is the perfect choice for freediving either here at home, or in a far away destination.

Key Features

  • Ergonomic design
  • Dual material
  • Reduces noise movement
  • Excellent for Freediving
  • Comes in multiple colors-green, brown, and black
  • Snorkel holder included
  • Most suitable snorkel for extended use
  • Lightweight, easy to travel with
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