Mares Star Mask - Ecdivers
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Mares Star Mask

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Mask Star

The Mares Star Mask puts the free in freediving. The low volume design was crafted with freedivers and spearfishermen in mind. The Original Mask star comes with a fine silicone skirt, angled lenses and an ultra low profile design. The angle in the lenses helps to improve the diver’s field of vision while staying true to a low profile design. The silicone skirt ensures longevity as the fine materials are built to last against regular diving wear and tear. This could your perfect mask for years to come!

Mask Star LiquidSkin

The Mask Star Liquidskin takes all of the benefits from the original Mask Star with the added bonus of hyper soft silicone material. The softer, more elastic silicone that contacts the wearer’s face adds not only to comfort, but helps with fit, as the softer material helps to contour to the user’s facial structure. The Liquid skin is a perfect option for freedivers with sensitive skin or anyone who’s going to be in the water for a long period of time. The silicone around the rest of the mask is a firmer, less elastic material that holds its form and increases support. The Bi-Silicone design combines all of the benefits from both firm and soft silicone and meshes them together to create the perfect skirt.

Mask Star Elite

Are you an Avid Freediver? Have you taken your love of the ocean to the next level with spearfishing? Do you enjoy looking like a bad mama-jamma who kicks dorsal and takes names? If so, this is the mask for you. The Mask star Elite takes all of the low volume, rockstar features from the original Star Mask and integrates reflective lenses into the equation. The Reflective lenses work to hide the fisherman’s eyes and avoid startling fish, before getting a shot off. This is a tried and true mask and will help bring any aspiring spearfisherman into the next level of aqua hunting.

Key Features

  • Angled Lenses improve field of vision
  • Low Volume design
  • Dual Button Buckle system (easier mask adjustment)
  • Wide, split mask strap
  • Easily accessible nose pocket
  • Mask Box included
  • 2 year warranty
  • Option for Tinted Lenses
  • Option for Bi-Silicone, liquid skin design
  • Created with Freedivers in mind

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