Oceanic VTX Dive Computer Complete - Ecdivers
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Oceanic VTX Dive Computer Complete

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Oceanic's VTX Dive computer is an excellent option for either recreational use anyone thinking of bridging the gap into tech diving. The ultra high contrast screen offers superior visibility and is adjustable so you can set it based on battery life, or conditions. This wrist computer is fully capable of air integration and can be bought with a transmitter as desired. 

The VTX can handle up to 4 transmitters - meaning you can have a stage bottle, pony bottle or set of doubles all connected and transmitting to the VTX. The Digital compass has full tilt compensation and reads very accurately. Lastly, This computer supports either Buhlman or DSAT algorithms allowing you to customize based on your preferred dive profile. 


What's in the Box VTX Air integrated dive computer, Wireless transmitter (VTX Complete only), Lens protector, Dive computer resources DVD, (Operating Manuals, PC Interface Software, USB Drivers), High-density wrist strap, 2 extra CR2 batteries, Safety and reference manual, Data transfer cable, Protective carrying case
Operating Manual Included in the Dive computer resources DVD. Also available here.
Model Wrist mounted hoseless air integrated dive computer
Modes of Operation Norm (Air & Nitrox), Gauge, Free Dive & Compass
Display High-contrast, active matrix OLED color screen
Mounting Options High-density wrist strap, Bungee and Retractor Mount available
Multiple Transmitters 4
Digital Compass 3-Axis Digital Compass with full tilt compensation
Nitrox 21-100%
Multiple Gases Up to 4 Nitrox mixes–each with individual PO2 set points (1.0 – 1.6 in .5 Increments) Gas 1 (Air & Nitrox, 21-100%), Gases 2, 3, and 4 (Off, 21-100%)
Custom Alarms Yes
Algorithm Basis Powered by Dual Algorithm¨ allowing you to choose the decompression algorithm that best suits your diving needs without compromising safety. Choice between Pelagic DSAT* (Spencer/Powell data basis) or Pelagic Z+ (Buhlman ZHL-16C data basis)
Automatic Altitude Compensation All Oceanic computers automatically compensate for altitudes from 2000 ft up to 14,000 ft, giving adjusted no-decompression times and depths. They even automatically recalibrate the depth display for freshwater instead of seawater.
Ascent Rate Monitor Depth dependent
Ascent Rate Range 11-30 FPM / 21-60 FPM
Ascent Rate Maximum 30 FPM (<60 ft) / 60 FPM (>60 ft)
Dive Log Capacity 24 Dives
PC, Mac & Mobile Interface Oceanlog for PC users (comes on the cd in the box), Diverlog for MAC and iOS (download from the Apple App store)
Bluetooth Interface Native Bluetooth 4.0 LE capabilities. Wirelessly transfer dive profiles and dive computer settings via eDiverlog software.
Firmware Update Firmware update ready
Batteries User replaceable (1) 3v CR2 with approx 30-40 hour dive time. Battery life varies depending on several factors, mostly display intensity setting. Use may be extended by adjusting the display manually (above and/or underwater) or by enabling auto-adjust. Data retention maintains settings and calculations between battery changes.
Low Battery Indicator Includes access to status screens to check VTX and each transmitter
Automatic Safety Stop Prompt Adjustable depth and time with manual (run-timer) option
Optional Deep Stop with Countdown Timer Optional deep stop with countdown timer
Materials High density impact resistant composite housing, scratch-resistent, stainless steel protective bezel, natural rubber strap and super strong mineral glass OLED screen.
Push Buttons / Navigation 3-Button (back, advance, select) intuitive push button menu interface with "step back" allows for easy settings preview and edits while viewing the menus
Warranty 2 Year
Satisfaction Guarantee Yes (30-Day)
Activation Water or push-button
Tissue Compartments 12 (5–480 minutes)
Personal Conservative Factor Adjustment On/Off
Altitude Algorithm Basis NOAA
O2 Limit Basis NOAA
Decompression Capability 10–60 ft (3–18 m)
Automatic Safety Stop Prompt Adjustable depth and time with manual (Run-Timer) option
Audible Alarm May be deactivated and/or customized by user
Alarm Acknowledgment (U/W Deactivation) Yes
High O2 Alarm / Warning 300 Sotu / Dotu
High PO2 Alarm / Warning 1.4 Default or User Setting (1.0–1.6 in .5 increments)
Display Intensity Options User Adjustable Intensity 10%–100%
Auto Dim Adjustable time and intensity
Calendar / Clock Yes
Dive Preview Yes
Dive Mode Displays Main with 1 alternate
Dive Mode FO2 Switch (M) Mode Button - Up to 4 mixes
History Mode Total Number Of Dives, Elapsed Dive Time and Maximum Depth
Temperature Display Yes
Air Time Remaining Display The Patented Air Time Remaining feature calculates current depth, tank pressure, your breathing rate, ascent time, and decompression status to tell you exactly how much time you can remain underwater. The VTX continually displays Air Time Remaining via a numerical bar graph in addition to cylinder pressure.
O2 Time Remaining Display Yes
Operating Depth 330 ft (Max), 399 ft (Gauge & Free Mode)
Time To Fly Countdown Dual 12-Hour Countdown & Calculated Desaturation
On-Unit Log Capacity 24 Dives
Download Memory Capacity 2 MB**
Pre-Dive Planning Sequence Push Button 30–190 ft (9–57 m)
Message Box Alpha Numeric Graphics - Modes, Alarms and Settings
Nitrogen Tissue Loading Bar Graph 10 segments
Oxygen Loading Numeric %
Variable Ascent Rate Indicator® Some computers simply flash an icon, telling you that you're ascending too quickly. The VTX's Variable Ascent Rate Indicator 5-segment bar graph acts as a depth dependant speedometer, allowing you to very precisely monitor your ascent rate.
No Decompression Time Remaining Display Yes
Set Fresh / Saltwater Calibration Yes
Set Mode With Rapid Advance Yes
Set "Turn Around" Pressure Alarm Yes
Set "Ending" Pressure Alarm Yes
Set Audible Alarm On/Off Yes
Set Max Depth Alarm Yes
Set Elapsed Dive Time Alarm Yes
Set Maximum Nitrogen Tissue Loading Bar Graph Alarm
Set Personal Conservative Factor Yes
Set Dive Time Remaining Alarm Yes
Set Units Of Measurement Yes
Set Time Format (12/24 Hour) Yes
Set Time Of Day Yes
Set Date Format mm/dd, dd/mm
Set Sampling Rate (Profile Download Interval) 1 (Free Dive Mode Only), 2/15/30/60 seconds
Set Digital Gauge Mode On/Off Yes

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