Razor Pro - Ecdivers
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Razor Pro

$ 176.00

The Razor Pro fins are a superb option for those getting into freediving. Their flexible design improves the diver’s efficiency, helping you to stay underwater longer and swim deeper. The foot pocket of this fin is incredibly comfortable due to the varying width which lines up with the natural contours of the foot. Meticulous design and research went into making this foot pocket as comfortable and efficient as possible. The foot pocket is setup to work with multiple blades as you may decide to upgrade to a carbon fin at a later time. Because of the comfort, and efficiency of these fins, they are also worn by spearfishers.

Fin Blade

The Razor pro fin blades are made from strong, lightweight techno-polymers of varying thickness. The thickness variations allow the blade to bend during the different phases of a kick, and thus increasing efficiency. The channels on the blade allow water to be distributed evenly and increase flow to the “V” at the end of the fin, preventing lateral slippage. These fin blades contribute to highly efficient kicks while swimming.

Key Features

  • Designed to fit comfortably
  • Multiple colors available
  • Detachable Blade
  • Closed heel
  • Techno-Polymer Blade
  • “V” notch design to control water flow
  • Tempered thickness to maximize bend
  • High Efficiency

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