Scuba Force Wetnotes
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Scuba Force Wetnotes

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How many times have you gone diving and found something amazing but not remembered where exactly it was to show your friends? This is the perfect way to chronicle your adventures and ensure lasting details of the memories. The Deluxe Wetnotes offer 25 pages of underwater paper to allow for note taking, drawing, or even for talking with your buddy about whatever your heart desires. Logbooks and field journals will never lack the finer details again when you can simply copy your notes over from your Wetnotes. With elastics to hold your page and your pencil you’ll never have to worry about needing to flip through to find an open page. You can also keep everything neat and compact and minimize entanglement in other essential gear. The Wetnotes incorporate  three slates for your dive times and calculations, ensuring you can have many safe dives wherever you are. The Cordura cover is durable enough to handle any beating you can throw at it, ensuring a long lasting investment. It even has a viewing window for you to put your dive tables in while planning dives. Combine all that in a compact size and you’ll never miss a beat with the Deluxe Wetnotes, the avenue to optimal dive enjoyment.

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