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Scuba Gear Rent to Own [Deposit Only]


As a part of our Holiday special you can get 10% off your final package price! This deal is the long game, but well worth it! We will mark that you purchased this package during our holiday sale and make sure you get that 10% off!.

$ 825.00 $ 750.00

Our Rent to Own is a GREAT way for new divers to get involved in the sport and figure out a gear set up that works best for them. Many avid Scuba divers will have strong personal preferences on the gear they dive and some will try and push you towards gear that works for them. While an experienced diver's insight is always nice to have, Scuba gear is extremely personal. While one diver might have a preference for a certain style BC, or a certain type of computer another diver might prefer the exact opposite. 

East Coast Divers rent to own program is a fantastic way for a diver to find out what gear works best for them. The way it works is simple! 

1) Put a down payment of at least $750.00*

2) Put together a rental and dive our various rental gear options (first rental is included in the original down payment) 

3) DIVE! DIVE! DIVE! Continue diving, the money spent on every rental will go directly towards your gear package

4) Once the package is completely paid off, finalize the package** and take brand new gear home!

5) Dive your crazy cool new gear! 


See how simple it is?! Our staff and product specialists will help you put together your ideal gear package and do their utmost to let you try a variety of regulators, buoyancy compensators, computers and any other gear you can think of! 


*The deposit is non refundable. 

**Final gear packages must come out to at LEAST $1,500

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