ScubaForce Black Devil Regulator 2nd Stage
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ScubaForce Black Devil Regulator 2nd Stage

The Black Devil is designed to perform optimally at any depth it is presented with. Quality airflow will never be questioned no matter if you’re in fresh, salt, cold, or warm waters. Designed with technical divers in mind it allows for easy hook up to side and backmount setups, giving the diver a choice depending on conditions or preference. By being pneumatically designed there is no holds barred in the delivery of air to the diver. It is seamless, comfortable, and clean, reducing the chance of free flow in any situation. Adjustments are simple and clean to make based on the diver’s preferences and dive conditions which can help you to save air and lengthen your dive time, making this a worthy investment by itself. High quality marine brass and stainless steel compose the mechanical parts within the regulator. With these features the Black Devil will last for years to come. This will save the diver money on maintenance as well, as these quality parts are less prone to oxidation and damage. Ice diving is no problem either, as the regulator is designed to reduce ice formation and keep from free flowing. The Black Devil mixes technology with comfort in this excellent addition to the technical diving world.

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