ScubaForce Black Devil Regulator Sidemount 1st Stage - Ecdivers
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ScubaForce Black Devil Regulator Sidemount 1st Stage

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$ 178.00
The Black Devil First Stage is a prime piece of technical diving equipment. Designed to perform under the most strenuous conditions, the Black Devil is the perfect investment to make if you’re looking for quality engineering that will last you for years. Whether diving at depth or in cold water the superior engineering is built to perform and provide seamless airflow to your system. The Black Devil is a sidemount regulator set’s first stage, it’s design is best for the hose routing of a sidemount configuration. Ergonomically designed with all skill levels in mind your set-up can be customized in any number of ways to ensure comfort, mobility, and superior handling. By using diaphragm design the internal air pressure balance of the regulator is highly accurate, meaning that the intermediate pressure maintained in the first stage does not change with tank pressure as you dive.. It also gives the system added protection from freezing, meaning you can dive with assurance in icy conditions. Diaphragm design is also easier to keep clean and chances of rusting from saltwater are reduced to virtually nothing. A DIN valve gives the user a tight seal to the tank and eliminates O-ring problems in the connection to the air supply. The Black Devil will keep you safe and provide those asking for a simple yet powerful addition to their equipment with reliability and high performance.

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